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The Itty Bitty Breast Implant Illness Support Group

This is a forum for women who are going to be “A cup” or less, including those women who have gone through reconstruction and augmentation from breast cancer. The world has a lot of opinions about the size and look of a women’s chest. Share your feelings, your stories, and get support.

  Itty Bitty Facebook Group

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National Research & Information

USFDA links:

Breast Implants


Other Research Organizations and Information Sources:

Nonprofit research organization, a source for information about breast implants so that you can make choices that are best for you: National Center for Health Research

Federal legislation

Medical Device Safety Act

Medical Device Guardians Act

State legislation

Letter to legislators

Arizona State Legislation for Breast Implant Safety



Mentorship Programs

Community Forums


There are many women who need someone to talk to. Let ABIE help you help them.

Community meetings for you, your family, and friends are available! These are places to find out more about breast implants and get support.

Parents hold baby's hands.

Legislative Activities


Friends & Family

Join us in advocating for laws and regulations that help protect women and their health.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Join us in believing in yourself as we believe in you.

Our partners, sons, daughters, parents, and friends are on this journey with you. We offer support for them, too.


Holly K. Thrasher, Author, Breast Cancer and Breast Implant Illness Survivor

Tara Hopko, Author and Breast Implant Illness Survivor

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